Down the Heavy Waters–Part Two

Hope’s Current in Benno’s Paintings

“Flight” 48”x 36” acrylic on canvas by Benno Kollegger, 2000

Grief is water not air.

Awash and drowned.

Rise each day.


(words for my mind)

“Escape” 48”x 40” acrylic on canvas by Benno Kollegger, 2022

Benno completed the painting above, Escape, late May 2022months before his passing.

Recuperating from a T-bone truck accident, we were glad to be alive—never mind our injuries…

Benno paints Escape. May 2022.

Living by water and

the 17 years loving Benno, a lifelong pilot and sailor,

convinces me he felt open space and the blue “lightness”.

Yet his Prussian palette in the 1970’s cloaked passionate forms and a troubled earthen soul.

“Cloak” oil on canvas, Benno Kollegger 1972

Benno’s fantastic cerulean canvases emerged with late age and happiness.

Painted in acrylic from 2000 and on, many were playful abstractions.

Rain in the Park, Regina and I, acrylic on canvas, 2011

Turn tears to air and breathe

I’m certain

Benno does not want me to mourn him.

and like Benno’s sketchbook discovered this year by Benno’s son, covered in Adirondack camp debris—

Benno said (about art)


The earth holds us until we are ready to breathe.

Benno and Regina Kollegger 2014. Photo by Sharon Steinmann for the Mobile Press Register—from the article a Cool Artist Couple Makes It Mark on Mobile by Tamara Ikenberg

I hope you enjoy Benno’s Light.

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Thank you for reading and sharing.

— “Regina”

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