Down the Heavy Waters- Part One

Art and my precious husband Benno Kollegger’s passing 9/6/2022

Down the Heavy Waters 4ft x 7ft oil on canvas by Benno Kollegger 11/26/1942- 9/6/2022

Ok precious

Love you boo

I miss you, see you soon

I replay all of my husband’s voice mails.

I surround myself with his paintings.

I cling to the clothes he last wore when I sleep…

Down the Heavy Waters he went, closing his eyes for the final time.

It his Art, the paintings, sculptures—-

Powerful. Freeing.

like the battered earth’s shell, revealing the lonely—


and the words of Joyce Carol Oates in her recent posting This I Believe

the candle is not there to illuminate itself (Joyce Carol Oates)

keep and hold me.

… so begins a series— my sharing Benno’s body of art with you, with the dialog he shared with me.

I hope you enjoy Benno’s light.

yesterday, today and tomorrow: oil on canvas by Benno Kollegger circa 1970s.
Benno’s figures were painted observing himself. 
Muscled. Burdened. 
he is a child witness
surviving atrocities in Austria’s World War II. 

For some facts about my husband Artist Benno Kollegger, an obituary crafted by Benno’s sons and I is here on Benno Kollegger’s Facebook and on!/Obituary

Thank you for reading and sharing.

— “Regina”

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